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Apio croquettes and balls made from a creamy celeriac ragout, wrapped in a crunchy and crispy golden brown jacket.
The Apio Snack is vegetarian and vegan.

Apio Snacks are packed with vitamins and minerals!

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About us

Apio Snacks was born out of a passion for celeriac and a love for the Burgundian life.
Celeriac – Apio in Spanish, is a relatively unknown vegetable with an unique aromatic taste which is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
With locally grown celeriac as the main ingredient, Apio Snacks are delicious and honest!

All products are generously filled with a creamy celeriac ragout, wrapped in a crunchy and crispy golden-brown jacket.
The aromatic taste of the celeriac makes the products of Apio Snacks even more delicious than the traditional meat ragout variants.
Everyone who tastes them is amazed by the unique taste sensation.

The Apio Snacks are available as croquettes, tapas croquettes and balls and are suitable for young and old, meat eaters, vegetarians, vegan and for people who want to eat something else!

Naturally, Apio Snacks


The snacks are available as:

Package of 30 pieces Apio croquettes. (80 grams)
Package of 80 pieces Apio balls. (30 grams)
Package of 40 pieces Apio tapas croquettes. (50 grams)

The Apio Snacks are vegetarian and vegan.
The prices of our snacks are available on request .

Advice for the preparation of Apio Snacks:

Heat the cooking oil to 175/180 degrees.

Apio croquettes 6/7 minutes.
Apio bitterballen 4/5 minutes.
Apio tapas croquette 5/6 minutes.

Make sure the snacks are well immersed and separate.

Serving Tip: Apio Snacks are tasty with curry or truffle mayonnaise.

Apio Snacks Amuse
Can also be served as a delicious Amuse!!

News items

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